Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vintage Paper Flowers

These are so neat! A vintage paper flower bouquet. 6 Fancy paper flowers, assorted sizes - wire stems and vintage button centers. Note: old bottles not included. 

Primitive Summer Bee and Daisy

Presenting Bernard Bumble. This darling Primitive Bee measures 14 inches tall head to toe standing and 9 inches seated. Bernard is made with a golden hand dyed fabric with softly painted stripes. He has bright blue hand painted eyes, a cute little handsewn nose and a sculpted mouth. Bernards quilted wings give him a nice vintage quilt look. Which are quilted with hand tied knots in blue and gold. His wings measure 6 inches across and 3 inches high with a vintage button sewn in place. Hand sewn in Bernards hands is a beautiful Daisy on a wire stem. His Daisy measures 3 inches across and 7 inches tall.

Paris Gift Tags

These are wonderful gift tag and would be great for party's, use them for your scrapbooking, weddings, favor bags and more.. I have stamped in black the effiel tower and a postage stamp then in glittered paper have stamped ooh-la-la and i have raised the wording with foam dots.. my husband has embossed the gift tags... soooooo beautiful.... Then to finish these off we have added a beautiful black ribbon.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Antique Mold Primitive Bird Pinkeep

For all pinkeep collectors This primitive pinkeep. combines my love of primitives, sewing and birds. The birds’ body and wings are made with reproduction civil war fabric that has been aged and sanded. She has knotted eyes and 2 tiny strawberries that hang around her neck. Her pincushion is made from dark osnaburg that has been stuffed with 100% cotton stuffing. It also has been aged and sanded. The entire cushion sits into the antique mold. The last picture is actually the bottom of the mold to show the detail. This pinkeep is 3 ½” tall and 4” wide.

Antique Style Sewing Bird

All sewing collectors…here is a great antique style sewing bird pin keep. This sewing bird has been made with civil war reproduction fabric that has been antiqued and sanded. She is 6" tall and 11" from beak to tail. There are 2 antique buttons for eyes and her body has been weighted so she stays in place. On her back is an antiqued osnaburg pincushion. Around her neck is a twisted cord with two strawberries, also made with civil war reproduction fabric. On each side of the sewing bird are wing pockets to hold antique notions. 

Happy Harvest Sign

This sign is made of 5-1/2" x 24" x 3/4" pine. Base coated lamp black and then top coated with a warm mustard yellow. The text is hand painted in black and highlighted with pumpkin orange. The piece was then hand sanded and distressed to reveal the black under coat and some raw wood. The entire sign was then stained to give this piece a warm aged glow. The sign is then finished with a brass sawtooth hanger on the back

Primsical Chicken Pin Keep

This is a part primitive, part whimsical....'primsical' chicken pin keep. It's made with 100% wool from a "Waltzing with Bears" pattern. It is stuffed with polyfil.

The multi-colored wool polka dots add a bit of whimsy, they have been hand stitched with a variegated brown Vandani thread. This cute chick is attached to a vintage style candle holder to give her stability. 


Watermelon Girl Shelf Sitter

Fresh fruit anyone? This little gal is made of grunged muslin, has a crow on her head and a melon close to her heart. She is ready for the heat of summer.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Folk Art Flower Doll And Handpainted Clay Pot

Daisy is 11" tall to the top of her petals. Her blonde locks are Alpaca hair. The petals, leaves, face, arms, legs and shoes are all handpainted. Her leaves and petals are made of fabric that was then painted. On her dress is a rusty butterfly, and on her petals is a bee that appears to be a resin material. This doll was made from a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern.


Lady Liberty Flour Sifter Babies

Perfect to put in your dusty old flour sifter!  

Miss Liberty

She's 29 inches and completely handmade by the Artist. 


Prairie Dolly Bonnets

These are dolly sized bonnets, perfect for a smaller place or a child's room.

Early Prairie Sister Dolls

These adorable little prairie dolls are available to order. Aren't they sweet?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Primitive Elephant Bowl Fillers

I love these bowl Fillers. These elephants are approx. 8 1/2" wide and 6" tall. Each elephant has been stained, painted and sanded. Each one has hand stitched on ears and eyes and a hand stitched bow in their head. Each one comes with a tag that says "I WORK FOR PEANUTS".

Primitive Mary and her Child

28 inch primitive Mary doll and her little child doll 12". This primitive set is all handmade with grubbied muslin. Both doll faces are embroidered with needlesculpted noses. Their hair is made from brown sheeps wool, firmly attached. Both have cordinating reproduction fabrics for their dresses. I have embroidered a beautiful saying on Mary's apron, made from vintage toweling." May God's Mercy Rest Upon this Child" Mary's Work 1837. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Word Birds, Song Birds and Bird Houses

These are just so sweet and I love the colors! Each comes in a set. Check out the other pictures at the link.

Little Primitive Wooden Birds



All natural handmade soaps

Sweet Harvest Farms has taken formulated a recipe that consist of natural, soothing and luxurious ingredients to create a unique luxurious Soap. This wonderful soap not only leaves you squeaky clean but also gives you soft, supple and moisturized skin. Commercial brands often siphon off the glycerin to sell as a by-product. In doing so their soap can leave you feeling dry and itchy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The Settlers needed something to sit on, besides the old plank wood seats, while crossing the vast prairies. So they would fill old sacks with sawdust, to help protect their bottoms. I have for you a stack of sawdust filled pillows. They are tied together using a grungy flour sack tie with some Lantern Candles & Sweet Annie tucked in and then pinned with an old rusty safety pin. The 8" x 11" pillow was made using an old grungy flour sack and using black cotton floss I stitched "1874".

Primitive Crow Makedo

Sweet little 4"Primitive Little Crow. One of my very favorite crows to make. Perfect to tuck into a primitive spot. Made with muslin that has been painted sanded and rubbed with spices. Securely attached to a painted spool.

Primitive Spring Rabbit and Sunflower

Presenting Walter Waterfield. Walter is all handmade and measures 23 inches tall. He has handpainted green eyes and hand sewn eyelids, with a sculpted muzzle and soft pink nose and ivory whiskers. Walters hand and feet have also been sculpted. His face, hands and feet have been shaded for added detail.


Primitive Stamped Sewing Coaster and Magnets

If you love to decorate with the old sewing theme these would fit right in. I started with a stone tiles and have stamped different sewing items onto the tiles with Ink. Then I have sealed as well. The magnets measures 2x2 and the coaster measures 4x4.


Mother's Sampler Primitive Pinkeep

This piece is needle punched – a needlework craft which lends itself to looking like a little hooked rug. The piece is done in hand dyed cotton threads on a cotton background. The backing fabric is an Old Sturbridge Village reproduction fabric. I have edged it with cotton chenille. Then the whole piece was dipped in a tea bath to give it a worn look. It measures 6” x 3-1/2”.

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