Thursday, December 8, 2011

Primitive Angel Ornie Tuck

The angel is approximately 7" high and 6" wide. She has a pinched nose and mouth with button eyes. Her head is painted black and her dress is painted red with 3 rusted jingle bells sewn on the front of her bust.

She has wings made from an old quilted pad and a black string to hang her on your tree or peg. Or you can stand her up against something. Made from a pattern by Sweetpea's Primitives.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Original 12 x 12 Mixed Media Painting "Reach"

This is a original 12 x 12 mixed media painting on canvas. I've created this painting using layers of late 1800's advertising, various elements including paint, paper, ink and buttons. The colors are vibrant! The edges are painted so it's ready to hang and will come signed and dated.

Cranberry Souffle Soaps

Sapponified oils of  Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter,Castor Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable) Flaxseed Oil, Olive Oil! Crushed Rose Hips, Juniper Berries, Sesame Seeds, Hibiscus Flower, Myrtle Leaf and Blackberries!! Fresh, clean and tantalizing you'll want to take a bite (but don't) Unique aroma! This could be used year round. 

Paper Christmas Tree

Decorative Paper Trees, with wooden bases. They stand about 14" Tall, perfect for table top.

Primitive Whimsy Folk Art Snow Man Doll make-do

This is a design by Kentucky Primitives, made by me, Heidi Gianino Aka CraBByGaBBy. Made from stained and painted muslin this whimsical snow man stands in at 23 1/2 inches from bottom of base screwed into place to tippy top of hat secured into place. He sits upon an old wood banister spindle that is secured to a base so he wont topple over. the torso and head is worn muslin with lots of steps to get it all "crackle" like. Arms are sticks that sewn in place and glass glittered. He features a real carrot nose secured into place. Hand drawn eyes and mouth. On his chest is the "winter months".

Extreme Primitive Snow doll

This guy is made of muslin,sanded,stained and baked. His nose is a twig sewn on, his mouth is butcher's twine sewn on with crochet thread. His eyes are stitched on and he has twigs for arms. He's a lil rag-stuffed to give him abit of weight so he doesn't go flapping in the wind like some wild turkey. He measures just about 18 inches long..about 21 inches wide with his arms. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Primitive Gingerbread Man 17 inches

Something about his guy that pulls at my heart strings! He's 17" of sweet fun and I've made him to hang. He will be made in limited quantity run, run, fast as you can, to try to get a gingerbread man!

Christmas Thyme Handmade Soap

Sapponified oils of
Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Goat's Milk,
Sapponified Oils of: Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, coconut Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable) and Thyme.

Thyme drizzled on top and crushed thyme within for exfoliation.
If you ever have to try to explain to someone what "Christmas" smells like......hand them this bar! It's amazing!
Transports you back to the first day you pulled the Holiday Decor out of the attic, mom had the scented candles going and hot chocolate on the stove. A blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pine and snow!

Always Angel

This sweet angel is made from a vintage wooden finial mounted on a wooden candlestick. She is about 10" tall and 6" wide. Her features were formed with Paperclay then painted and sealed. Her wings are some decorative woodwork and she is accented with a bit of cheesecloth and a silver star. Always is decoupaged to her base which is also sealed.

Olde World Santa

Old world style Santa, made from paperclay over cloth, he is about 11" tall and his wooden stand adds another 1 1/2". Atop his walking stick is a bluebird also made fro paperclay and his lantern is paperclay over wood. Painted and sealed.

Cardboard Tuck Angels

These angels couldn't be sweeter! Perfect for tucking in that little nook or crannie.

Primitive Santa in a Bag

11" Primitive Santa in his burlap bag. Santa is made from nubby linen fabric. His nose is needle sculpted. I have added lovely sheeps wool for his beard. His coat is made from barn red pendleton wool, with quilt batting trim. In his arm he holds a evergreen. He firmly sits in a burlap bag with a tie. Primitive pattern by Missouri Goods.

Rory Primitive Snowman

Rory Primitive Snowman is 26" tall x 15" wide is partially rag stuffed, wears green cord pants w/ suspenders & rusty star buttons. His top is tan flannel with red, green & gold stars & rusty safety pins. His scarf is red velvet. His black painted top hat is trimmed w/greens & red berries & a rag tag that says "Winter Blessings'. He has a round head made from osnaburg that has been stained, jingle bell mouth,eyelids & upholstery tack eyes. Boots & mittens are painted. He holds a rusty tin star trimmed with greens & red berries. He has such a cute face! You will love him.

Fall Dresden Quilted Plate Topper

This pretty topper would look lovely in your home for the fall season. It measures about 25" in diameter and is made from quilt shop fabrics, it looks and feels so nice! This design will appear again, but not in these fabrics

Folk Art Mixed Media Elves

These two chaps have been having a blast helping Santa in his workshop. Made from my own pattern, they stand roughly 12" and 13". Their faces are clay, and they have wool facial hair. Would look great on a mantel or anywhere you would like to add fun and folky touches of the holidays.

Primitive Snowman and Tree

This snowman is grung-a-licious! Super prim and his little tree is darling.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Primitive 17 inch Santa doll with snowman pocket

This santa has been in the cookies, he's got the hips to prove it! He's 17" and nice and prim and made to hang. He's got the cutest little snowman pocket filled with some Christmas greenery and a tiny candy cane. Just 2 available, mittens will vary.


Primitive 17 inch Snowman

Here's another good Man. This one is of the snow type!
He's nice and prim and he's good and stained and he's been made to hang. Get him while you can cause when they are gone, they are GONE! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lovely 30's Inspired Quilted Table Runner

I Love this runner! Created with pretty 12" blocks on each end with squares of fun 30s fabrics in the center. It's pretty long, about 49" and 12" wide. Pretty burst of color for your table.

Primitive Christmas Holly Snowgirl Doll

Holly is made of painted, sanded, stained and baked muslin. Her eyes are embroidered. Her mouth is is needle-sculpted. Her nose is made of an old stick, painted, and glued in. Her clothes are a grungy (baked in coffee and vanilla) homespun, which is a rusty red, black and cream colored plaid. She has a sewn a rusty snowflake, which is painted an antique white, with a rusty bell to the top of her hood. She is glued and sewn to an old bobbin. She is about 21 inches high and 8 inches across.

Extreme Primitive Santa and Snowman

Hi ya'll! Woke up this morning, and wow, there was a chill in the air! So naturally I wanted something cozy, to work these fellas were made of warm and natural. They both are partially give them a bit of weight, Mr Twigs is fully trained to sit on his own, Mr full of Christmas cookies, has to be coaxed ..just a little bit.

Mr. Big's nose and mouth are needle-sculpted. He has a lamb's wool moustache,and beard,both sewn on. He wears a grungy muslin hat, that has been painted sanded,stained and baked. He and Mr. Twigs were feeling a little festive and called for a bit of silver tinsel, which has been sewn to both hats. Mr Big and Mr Twigs hats are sewn on. Their eyes are buttons sewn over osnaburg. Mr Twigs is painted,sanded,stained and baked. His mouth is needle sculpted, and he is sporting a twig nose,painted and glued in.
Mr. Big is 14 inches high and 7 inches wide, 2 inches deep. Mr.Twigs is 11 inches high and 11 inches wide, 2 inches deep. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Primitive Olde World Santa

All I can say is WOW! This guy is awesome! I just love how he looks with his Christmas red hooded cord coat with cheesecloth trim, black metal stars & red/black check pants. Carries a grungy stocking made from an old vintage white quilt filled with greens, sweet annie, candy cane & red berries trimmed with little jingle bells. He has a round face made from stained osnaburg, eyelids & pinch stitched nose, sheeps wool beard. Very Primitive, hangs or sits.

Primitive Christmas Fabric Tag Ornament Set

Are these cute or what!? Each tag ornament measures about 5 1/2" tall by 3 1/2" wide. There is thin batting in the middle of the dirty muslin. The hanger is jute strung through a metal eyelet. They have been lightly stained and there is pen "stitching" around them to finish them off. I took this pic with them sitting on a bush so you can see how they would look against a Christmas tree.

Primitive Santa and Rudolf Makedo's

Oh my these are wonderful! They are both made of painted,sanded,stained and baked muslin. Santa has stitched on eyes.His face is needle-sculpted. He wears a hood,with a huge rusty bell sewn to the tip. His glorious, and its sewn on sheep's wool..nice and full. He is sewn and tied to an old bobbin. He stands, just about 23 inches high,he's 5 inches across. Rudolf has sewn on eyes over muslin. His face is needle-sculpted,his nose embrodiered. He wears a huge rusty bell around his neck,strung on gruNgy twine. He has antlers of sticks, glued and sewn in. He stands about 20 inches high and is also 5 inches wide.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Extreme Primitive Elf and Cat

Old Soot measures 15 1/4 inches high and is 6 inches across. His face is needlesculpted,he has old buttons for eyes sewn on. GruNgy string for his moustache sewn on. His hat and dress are made of onasburg,also painted,sanded,stained and baked. He has sticks for arms,glued and sewn on. His belt is another piece of grungy string knotted around his waist with a grungy chenille candy cane and a bit of sweet annie tucked in. A huge rusty bell is attached to his arm, there is also a rusty bell sewn to his hat. There is a grungy little key tag stamped with Old Soot on case you should forget. Sticks is sewn to 2 old mismatched spools. Her face is needle sculpted as well in a very prim manner. She sports grungy whiskers of string also. On her back is a soft little saddle to carry that burden of sticks,made of grungy batting (which has red stitched all around with red crochet thread). There is a bit of ming with red berries to cushion the sticks and a rusty bell is tied securely on. All this has been sewn to Sticks. Sticks is 9 inches long, and 7 inches high,not including her antlers!

Primitive Vintage Snow Girl Doll

Well its not to far off for some of us, that we'll start seeing flurries. Anyway, here's Snow Girl that is just too darn cute! She is made of osnaburg that has been painted, sanded, stained and baked. Her mouth and eyes are knots of black crochet thread,her nose is a stick,painted and glued in. She has stick hands and feet also sewn and glued in. She wears a huge grungy, almost victorian in style hat trimmed with grungy cheesecloth, a huge bell and a rusty snowflake tucked in. She is just about 24 inches high and 12 inches across, with her arm span. I think she is truly adorable!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Primitive Rabbit Benjamin Buttons

Benjamin was made with my own pattern. His head is hand formed clay, and he wears fabulous, antique buttons. Benjamin is one of a kind.. You are sure to love him!

Primitive Folkart Owl Make Do

He is made of onasburg ( stained, and baked in my coffee and vanilla stain) with stitched on coat buttons, over cotton batting, for his eyes. His beak is needle-sculpted. His wings are made of grapevine, stitched on with black crochet thread. His chest is stitched on batting, that I have filled. I have stitched and wired a stick to him..I wanted him to look perched, ready for a lil night is mounted on an old textile bobbin.
I covered the stick with abit of moss, and I wired on pine straw,and a grungy little pumpkin pod ( the pumkin,has a old stick for a stem,I wired on abit of tiny rusty stars for the tendrils and stamped a lil hang-tag with ..fall). There is grungy cheesecloth in natural and blackened cheesecloth tied at his base.
And my pictures just don't do him justice! He is rubbed with cinnamon and cloves..and if he was edible, I suppose he wouldn't have made it this far..coz he does smell so very yummy!!
He is 18 1/2 inches high and 12 inches across. Totally perfect for sitting among your pumpkins and gourds!

Blessings Pumpkin

I just love this guy! The pic does not do him justice, so much more prim & darker.11"h x 16'" w, pumpkins made of muslin, painted, sanded & stained with homespun plaid collar w/ 3 tiny bells sewn to his collar, black & orange painted stripe legs with painted, pointy toe boots with safety pin laces. Stitched face with a twig stem, pip berries, sweet annie & cheesecloth, a tag pinned on front of the bottom pumpkin that says "Autumn Blessings". He sits by himself very well. This is something you can leave out until Christmas. You will love him!

Primitive Santa Doll

Santa is based on a Ravens Haven pattern. He is 12"-13" tall, made of muslin which I have painted, sanded & stained. He wears cheesecloth around his neck & hat, has osnaburg placket down the front with rusty jingle bells. His beard is sheeps wool, his eyes are black french knots & his nose is pinch sculpted. He holds a chenille candy cane & a tag that says HO HO. He's all primed & grungy but not too grungy & is sprinkled with mica flakes to give him that glisteny winter look!

Monday, September 26, 2011

German Inspired Halloween Doll

This would make a wonderful addition to any Halloween collection! Mr. Katz is 12" tall. I crafted his head from paper mache and painted him out in the vintage, German style.

His body is plush and he carries a little Jack pail that I also painted in the vintage style, with added, black glitter inside. He is one of a kind, and you are sure to love him!

Extreme Grungy Primitive Owls

I have to admit that I just love owls! My Mother had a few in her collection that I loved to play with as a child. When she wasn't looking of course (:

These are both made of muslin, painted, sanded, stained and baked..and eXtreMely gruNged! Their eyes are buttons stitched over osnaburg,which has been stitched on also. The owl has a gruNgy candy corn,wired to him with rusty star garland, the Cat has a gruNgy pumpkin attached with the same rusty star garland. They each have teensy weensy rusty bells sewn to their hats. And scraps of gruNgy cheesecloth around their hats and necks..they are just adorable..I love the way their eyes look to the side, as tho they just heard something very SPOOKY..perfect for a small place,or as gifties, or to tuck in a wreath, these lil darlings measure just over 12 inches high and 4 1/4th inches wide.

Primitive Cynderflake Black Snowman Doll

What a sweet snowman this is! I think he turned out adorable! He is made of painted, sanded, stained and baked muslin.I have embroidered and stitched vintage buttons on for his eyes, his mouth is also vintage buttons sewn on. His hat and clothes I have made of batting,accented with red crochet stitches. His nose is made of batting also, mis-stitched on, with a few make-do stitches,across the bridge. He has rusty bells stitched to his straps. I've sewn a rusty snowflake,with a huge rusty bell to his old grungy hat. His little tree is stitched and wired to his hand. Well he look so darn cute..I really didn't see the need for the grungy cheesecloth tied around his neck for a scarf..but hey..he is a snowman! ;) He sits at 15 inches high. He is 20 1/2 inches long. He is 8 inches wide.

Monday, September 12, 2011


These little cupboard tuck witches are just the cutest and are perfect little prim touches for your Halloween decorating. They look great on a window sill, shelf or tucked into a grapevine wreath for instant Halloween charm.

They are unique and are both one of a kind creations. They are crafted from cotton fabric stuffed firm with polyfill and have a generous amount of poly pellets in the bottom to sit firmly. I have sealed them all over with a matte finish for durability. The arms are attached with vintage buttons and each has her own witch sign stamped and stitched to her chest.

Halloween Pumpkin Cat MixedMedia Folk Art Painting

"Pumpkin Cat" is a One Of A Kind, Original, Mixed Media, Folky & Prim Painting by Lisa's Attic Art Treasures!

I started with a gallery wrapped canvas, painted it black, sealed it, applied aged burlap to the front, painted on my design, added shading and highlights, and sealed the piece again. Then I added real Austria Crystals (they sparkle like diamonds) for the eye highlights, aged & painted cotton batting leaves with a crispy effect, rusty wire tendrils, and painted beading wire whiskers. All of the elements combined give the piece a very Unique look!

Halloween Candle Mat

This is my latest design. It has been made with prim halloween fabrics from one of my local quilt shops. It's an adaptation of a more traditional dresden plate....this one only has eight petals, I love how it makes almost an inner square design. It has been machine pieced and quilted with thin batting.

It measures 13" point to point, a nice size for a candle mat.

Primitive Halloween Agatha's Lost Boot Cat Doll

Old Agatha was just a zooooo Ming..cackling like nobody's business,laughing at the moon ,who gave her a wink as she went flying smitten by his flirtations, she didn't notice that she was headed for a grove of towering pines..but poor lil who done it certainly did! Lucky for her when Aggies boot came flying off she landed in it,and was saved when the laces caught on a tree bough. She could only think it would be much safer for her and old Agatha,if she would wear night vision goggles..on these little trips!
This my design,I will make a pattern for her today :)

She is made of muslin,painted,sanded, grunged, and baked. She has vintage buttons for eyes, stitched over osnaburg and black wool. Her face is needle-sculpted, her whiskers are crochet thread ( but could easily be made of rusty wire,if you like) . Her collar is fall colored homespun. I couldn't resist the lace, but its only tacked on,so you can remove it if you like.I've also attached a hang-tag. I've sewn vintage buttons down the lenght of the boot. There's a rusty bell sewn to the tip of the toe. Her hat has a swirl of small rusty stars around it, with a rusty bell sewn on top. She measures just a lil over 24 inches high and she is 6 1/2 her widest point,being the sole of the boot.

Pumpkin Jill

FREE SHIPPING! She measures 25 inches tall and wears a homespun dress with a wool collar.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pink Chicken Waterer

How cute is this!? It's a chicken waterer that measures 9 1/4 inches tall and 8 inches across the base. The base is a thick pink plastic and the water holder is glass. Use it for your chickens. Or I could see this as a centerpiece, drill a hole in the bottom and put in a flicker light or sanitize it and use it as a candy holder. The possiblities are endless and trust me, I've eyed this for a bit now before deciding to list it because I just want to keep it for myself...(: It has one small piece of plastic on the interior base that is chipped off however you can't see it unless you take off the glass and are looking for it. It doesn't detract from it's functionality or it's looks.

Primitive Folk Doll

Could this little gal be any sweeter? Her name is Sarah and she is 15 1/2" tall, and comes with her own prim hen! This is a round head doll, made from cloth with a painted finish. After her body and face were painted, she was then given a wash of antique. Her clothes are cottons that were stained with coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. The pictures don't show what a nice prim look she has. The hen was also painted and stained. Her hair is a brown dizzy frizzy, she has painted shoes and two vintage buttons on her apron. Her dress is a nice spice country red. Her eyes were finished off with Crystal laquer for a more realistic look. I love the adorable size of this doll.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Primitive Olde Moon Man Door Doll Hanger

This guy is an original design. May be hung on your protected door, cupboard, cabinet side, trunk front, wall above your mantle, or may be propped up in an old chair, display case, or shelf.

The Moon Man measures a Large 14" Tall - 10 1/2" Wide - & 2 1/2" Deep. He is made from aged and painted muslin. His features are painted on with my special rusting paste mixture and the whole piece has been sealed. I added a large, rusty jingle bell to the top for a cap-like appearance and he has been dusted with a generous coating of mica flakes for a vintage look.

Quilted Pins

A nice accessory for your wardrobe, these quilted pins are made with quilt shop fabric.
The top hat snowman is about 2" wide and 3" tall. Their fronts have been paper pieced for precision, the backs are finished with a piece of fabric that matches the background of the front and it's been quilted. There is a pin back hand sewn on, no glue! The faces on the snowmen have been painted on using acrylic paints.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Primitive Folk Art Drab Black Doll

Up for your consideration is Alma and Her Pin Keep. A design by Pine Berry Lane and made by me, Heidi Gianino aka CraBBy GaBBy Dolls.

Made from stained and painted muslin, this gal is the perfect size to put anywhere! she measures in at 16 inches. her eyes are stiched and mouth is stitched. Nose sculpted. She has flax hair stitched into place. Her dress is ticking and osnaburg.

Black Hat Society Halloween Stitchery

This wall/door hanging is approx. 11"x13" with a double metal chain, 2 large buttons, 4 metal spider charms, black clips along 3 sides and a pretty orange bow on the black hat. Cross stitch is done all in black.

Sassy Sister Stitched Pillow

Cross stitch pillow, approx. 9"x10". One silver button and two small charms that say Be Yourself, and Love Much. Pillow fabric is red/sky blue and beige. Stitching is sky blue and beige.

Boo Halloween Bag

Approx. 5"x11" this cross stitch bag is great on a shelf. Bag is black and orange stripe with cross stitch panel, pretty bow, buttons and clips to attach it to bag.

OOAK Clay Sculpted Folk Art Pumpkin Votive Holder

This Fall cutie is 9 ¼” tall to the top of his glass votive holder. He was made using a wooden base that was painted, then stained to give it a more worn look. His head is sculpted using an air-dry clay, painted, stained and a clear protective finish applied. His little tag is made of air-dry clay, then a pumpkin face was applied using deco podge. This one-of-a-kind piece is signed, dated and numbered 1//1 on the bottom. The glass votive holder and candle are included, and of course removable. A tea light would also work. If you don’t want to burn a candle, then use your imagination and add whatever you’d like, for instance some potpourri or dried greenery. He will add warmth and charm to any Fall d├ęcor, not to mention a few smiles and giggles!

Fall Dresden Plate Table Topper

Don't you just love fall! I love the cooler weather (before nasty winter arrives) and the pretty fall colors. This is made from eight quilt shop fabrics, two each prim orange, green, gold and plum. It measures 24" from point to point. The "blades" were machine pieced with the center circle appliqued before it was machine quilted. This will look lovely on a table or counter, giving a bit of fall color.

This design will appear again in the future, but this is the only time it will be made with these individual fabrics.

Three Primitive Mittens

I love these guys, they make me smile. Made with 'heathered (there are flecks of black in each color)' sage, denim and cranberry felt for the mitten and wool felt for the snowman, these fellas would look great on a tree, a peg rack, or hung across your window for a holiday touch. The white wool felt has been washed to give it an extra nubby, prim effect.

You'll get all three mittens, one in each color. The measure about 9" from top to bottom and are about 4" wide at the bottom of the snowman (excluding the thumb area).

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Table Top Christmas Tree Skirt

The weather says it's summer but the stores are beginning to stock for won't be long and it will be here! This almost 15" in diameter quilted tree skirt is a nice size for a table top tree. Made in soft, prim shades of primarily red and green fabrics, it will make a perfect addition to your holiday decor.

The design may appear for sale again, but not in these colors, this is the only one I will have available in these fabrics. 

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