Monday, September 26, 2011

German Inspired Halloween Doll

This would make a wonderful addition to any Halloween collection! Mr. Katz is 12" tall. I crafted his head from paper mache and painted him out in the vintage, German style.

His body is plush and he carries a little Jack pail that I also painted in the vintage style, with added, black glitter inside. He is one of a kind, and you are sure to love him!

Extreme Grungy Primitive Owls

I have to admit that I just love owls! My Mother had a few in her collection that I loved to play with as a child. When she wasn't looking of course (:

These are both made of muslin, painted, sanded, stained and baked..and eXtreMely gruNged! Their eyes are buttons stitched over osnaburg,which has been stitched on also. The owl has a gruNgy candy corn,wired to him with rusty star garland, the Cat has a gruNgy pumpkin attached with the same rusty star garland. They each have teensy weensy rusty bells sewn to their hats. And scraps of gruNgy cheesecloth around their hats and necks..they are just adorable..I love the way their eyes look to the side, as tho they just heard something very SPOOKY..perfect for a small place,or as gifties, or to tuck in a wreath, these lil darlings measure just over 12 inches high and 4 1/4th inches wide.

Primitive Cynderflake Black Snowman Doll

What a sweet snowman this is! I think he turned out adorable! He is made of painted, sanded, stained and baked muslin.I have embroidered and stitched vintage buttons on for his eyes, his mouth is also vintage buttons sewn on. His hat and clothes I have made of batting,accented with red crochet stitches. His nose is made of batting also, mis-stitched on, with a few make-do stitches,across the bridge. He has rusty bells stitched to his straps. I've sewn a rusty snowflake,with a huge rusty bell to his old grungy hat. His little tree is stitched and wired to his hand. Well he look so darn cute..I really didn't see the need for the grungy cheesecloth tied around his neck for a scarf..but hey..he is a snowman! ;) He sits at 15 inches high. He is 20 1/2 inches long. He is 8 inches wide.

Monday, September 12, 2011


These little cupboard tuck witches are just the cutest and are perfect little prim touches for your Halloween decorating. They look great on a window sill, shelf or tucked into a grapevine wreath for instant Halloween charm.

They are unique and are both one of a kind creations. They are crafted from cotton fabric stuffed firm with polyfill and have a generous amount of poly pellets in the bottom to sit firmly. I have sealed them all over with a matte finish for durability. The arms are attached with vintage buttons and each has her own witch sign stamped and stitched to her chest.

Halloween Pumpkin Cat MixedMedia Folk Art Painting

"Pumpkin Cat" is a One Of A Kind, Original, Mixed Media, Folky & Prim Painting by Lisa's Attic Art Treasures!

I started with a gallery wrapped canvas, painted it black, sealed it, applied aged burlap to the front, painted on my design, added shading and highlights, and sealed the piece again. Then I added real Austria Crystals (they sparkle like diamonds) for the eye highlights, aged & painted cotton batting leaves with a crispy effect, rusty wire tendrils, and painted beading wire whiskers. All of the elements combined give the piece a very Unique look!

Halloween Candle Mat

This is my latest design. It has been made with prim halloween fabrics from one of my local quilt shops. It's an adaptation of a more traditional dresden plate....this one only has eight petals, I love how it makes almost an inner square design. It has been machine pieced and quilted with thin batting.

It measures 13" point to point, a nice size for a candle mat.

Primitive Halloween Agatha's Lost Boot Cat Doll

Old Agatha was just a zooooo Ming..cackling like nobody's business,laughing at the moon ,who gave her a wink as she went flying smitten by his flirtations, she didn't notice that she was headed for a grove of towering pines..but poor lil who done it certainly did! Lucky for her when Aggies boot came flying off she landed in it,and was saved when the laces caught on a tree bough. She could only think it would be much safer for her and old Agatha,if she would wear night vision goggles..on these little trips!
This my design,I will make a pattern for her today :)

She is made of muslin,painted,sanded, grunged, and baked. She has vintage buttons for eyes, stitched over osnaburg and black wool. Her face is needle-sculpted, her whiskers are crochet thread ( but could easily be made of rusty wire,if you like) . Her collar is fall colored homespun. I couldn't resist the lace, but its only tacked on,so you can remove it if you like.I've also attached a hang-tag. I've sewn vintage buttons down the lenght of the boot. There's a rusty bell sewn to the tip of the toe. Her hat has a swirl of small rusty stars around it, with a rusty bell sewn on top. She measures just a lil over 24 inches high and she is 6 1/2 her widest point,being the sole of the boot.

Pumpkin Jill

FREE SHIPPING! She measures 25 inches tall and wears a homespun dress with a wool collar.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pink Chicken Waterer

How cute is this!? It's a chicken waterer that measures 9 1/4 inches tall and 8 inches across the base. The base is a thick pink plastic and the water holder is glass. Use it for your chickens. Or I could see this as a centerpiece, drill a hole in the bottom and put in a flicker light or sanitize it and use it as a candy holder. The possiblities are endless and trust me, I've eyed this for a bit now before deciding to list it because I just want to keep it for myself...(: It has one small piece of plastic on the interior base that is chipped off however you can't see it unless you take off the glass and are looking for it. It doesn't detract from it's functionality or it's looks.

Primitive Folk Doll

Could this little gal be any sweeter? Her name is Sarah and she is 15 1/2" tall, and comes with her own prim hen! This is a round head doll, made from cloth with a painted finish. After her body and face were painted, she was then given a wash of antique. Her clothes are cottons that were stained with coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. The pictures don't show what a nice prim look she has. The hen was also painted and stained. Her hair is a brown dizzy frizzy, she has painted shoes and two vintage buttons on her apron. Her dress is a nice spice country red. Her eyes were finished off with Crystal laquer for a more realistic look. I love the adorable size of this doll.

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