Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lovely 30's Inspired Quilted Table Runner

I Love this runner! Created with pretty 12" blocks on each end with squares of fun 30s fabrics in the center. It's pretty long, about 49" and 12" wide. Pretty burst of color for your table.


Primitive Christmas Holly Snowgirl Doll

Holly is made of painted, sanded, stained and baked muslin. Her eyes are embroidered. Her mouth is is needle-sculpted. Her nose is made of an old stick, painted, and glued in. Her clothes are a grungy (baked in coffee and vanilla) homespun, which is a rusty red, black and cream colored plaid. She has a sewn a rusty snowflake, which is painted an antique white, with a rusty bell to the top of her hood. She is glued and sewn to an old bobbin. She is about 21 inches high and 8 inches across.


Extreme Primitive Santa and Snowman

Hi ya'll! Woke up this morning, and wow, there was a chill in the air! So naturally I wanted something cozy, to work on..so these fellas were made of warm and natural. They both are partially rag-stuffed..to give them a bit of weight, Mr Twigs is fully trained to sit on his own, Mr Big..so full of Christmas cookies, has to be coaxed ..just a little bit.

Mr. Big's nose and mouth are needle-sculpted. He has a lamb's wool moustache,and beard,both sewn on. He wears a grungy muslin hat, that has been painted sanded,stained and baked. He and Mr. Twigs were feeling a little festive and called for a bit of silver tinsel, which has been sewn to both hats. Mr Big and Mr Twigs hats are sewn on. Their eyes are buttons sewn over osnaburg. Mr Twigs is painted,sanded,stained and baked. His mouth is needle sculpted, and he is sporting a twig nose,painted and glued in.
Mr. Big is 14 inches high and 7 inches wide, 2 inches deep. Mr.Twigs is 11 inches high and 11 inches wide, 2 inches deep.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Primitive Olde World Santa

All I can say is WOW! This guy is awesome! I just love how he looks with his Christmas red hooded cord coat with cheesecloth trim, black metal stars & red/black check pants. Carries a grungy stocking made from an old vintage white quilt filled with greens, sweet annie, candy cane & red berries trimmed with little jingle bells. He has a round face made from stained osnaburg, eyelids & pinch stitched nose, sheeps wool beard. Very Primitive, hangs or sits.


Primitive Christmas Fabric Tag Ornament Set

Are these cute or what!? Each tag ornament measures about 5 1/2" tall by 3 1/2" wide. There is thin batting in the middle of the dirty muslin. The hanger is jute strung through a metal eyelet. They have been lightly stained and there is pen "stitching" around them to finish them off. I took this pic with them sitting on a bush so you can see how they would look against a Christmas tree.


Primitive Santa and Rudolf Makedo's

Oh my these are wonderful! They are both made of painted,sanded,stained and baked muslin. Santa has stitched on eyes.His face is needle-sculpted. He wears a hood,with a huge rusty bell sewn to the tip. His beard..is glorious, and its sewn on sheep's wool..nice and full. He is sewn and tied to an old bobbin. He stands, just about 23 inches high,he's 5 inches across. Rudolf has sewn on eyes over muslin. His face is needle-sculpted,his nose embrodiered. He wears a huge rusty bell around his neck,strung on gruNgy twine. He has antlers of sticks, glued and sewn in. He stands about 20 inches high and is also 5 inches wide.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Extreme Primitive Elf and Cat

Old Soot measures 15 1/4 inches high and is 6 inches across. His face is needlesculpted,he has old buttons for eyes sewn on. GruNgy string for his moustache sewn on. His hat and dress are made of onasburg,also painted,sanded,stained and baked. He has sticks for arms,glued and sewn on. His belt is another piece of grungy string knotted around his waist with a grungy chenille candy cane and a bit of sweet annie tucked in. A huge rusty bell is attached to his arm, there is also a rusty bell sewn to his hat. There is a grungy little key tag stamped with Old Soot on it..in case you should forget. Sticks is sewn to 2 old mismatched spools. Her face is needle sculpted as well in a very prim manner. She sports grungy whiskers of string also. On her back is a soft little saddle to carry that burden of sticks,made of grungy batting (which has red stitched all around with red crochet thread). There is a bit of ming with red berries to cushion the sticks and a rusty bell is tied securely on. All this has been sewn to Sticks. Sticks is 9 inches long, and 7 inches high,not including her antlers!


Primitive Vintage Snow Girl Doll

Well its not to far off for some of us, that we'll start seeing flurries. Anyway, here's Snow Girl that is just too darn cute! She is made of osnaburg that has been painted, sanded, stained and baked. Her mouth and eyes are knots of black crochet thread,her nose is a stick,painted and glued in. She has stick hands and feet also sewn and glued in. She wears a huge grungy, almost victorian in style hat trimmed with grungy cheesecloth, a huge bell and a rusty snowflake tucked in. She is just about 24 inches high and 12 inches across, with her arm span. I think she is truly adorable!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Primitive Rabbit Benjamin Buttons

Benjamin was made with my own pattern. His head is hand formed clay, and he wears fabulous, antique buttons. Benjamin is one of a kind.. You are sure to love him!


Primitive Folkart Owl Make Do

He is made of onasburg ( stained, and baked in my coffee and vanilla stain) with stitched on coat buttons, over cotton batting, for his eyes. His beak is needle-sculpted. His wings are made of grapevine, stitched on with black crochet thread. His chest is stitched on batting, that I have filled. I have stitched and wired a stick to him..I wanted him to look perched, ready for a lil night action..lol..he is mounted on an old textile bobbin.
I covered the stick with abit of moss, and I wired on pine straw,and a grungy little pumpkin pod ( the pumkin,has a old stick for a stem,I wired on abit of tiny rusty stars for the tendrils and stamped a lil hang-tag with ..fall). There is grungy cheesecloth in natural and blackened cheesecloth tied at his base.
And my pictures just don't do him justice! He is rubbed with cinnamon and cloves..and if he was edible, I suppose he wouldn't have made it this far..coz he does smell so very yummy!!
He is 18 1/2 inches high and 12 inches across. Totally perfect for sitting among your pumpkins and gourds!


Blessings Pumpkin

I just love this guy! The pic does not do him justice, so much more prim & darker.11"h x 16'" w, pumpkins made of muslin, painted, sanded & stained with homespun plaid collar w/ 3 tiny bells sewn to his collar, black & orange painted stripe legs with painted, pointy toe boots with safety pin laces. Stitched face with a twig stem, pip berries, sweet annie & cheesecloth, a tag pinned on front of the bottom pumpkin that says "Autumn Blessings". He sits by himself very well. This is something you can leave out until Christmas. You will love him!


Primitive Santa Doll

Santa is based on a Ravens Haven pattern. He is 12"-13" tall, made of muslin which I have painted, sanded & stained. He wears cheesecloth around his neck & hat, has osnaburg placket down the front with rusty jingle bells. His beard is sheeps wool, his eyes are black french knots & his nose is pinch sculpted. He holds a chenille candy cane & a tag that says HO HO. He's all primed & grungy but not too grungy & is sprinkled with mica flakes to give him that glisteny winter look!


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