Monday, October 3, 2011

Primitive Folkart Owl Make Do

He is made of onasburg ( stained, and baked in my coffee and vanilla stain) with stitched on coat buttons, over cotton batting, for his eyes. His beak is needle-sculpted. His wings are made of grapevine, stitched on with black crochet thread. His chest is stitched on batting, that I have filled. I have stitched and wired a stick to him..I wanted him to look perched, ready for a lil night is mounted on an old textile bobbin.
I covered the stick with abit of moss, and I wired on pine straw,and a grungy little pumpkin pod ( the pumkin,has a old stick for a stem,I wired on abit of tiny rusty stars for the tendrils and stamped a lil hang-tag with ..fall). There is grungy cheesecloth in natural and blackened cheesecloth tied at his base.
And my pictures just don't do him justice! He is rubbed with cinnamon and cloves..and if he was edible, I suppose he wouldn't have made it this far..coz he does smell so very yummy!!
He is 18 1/2 inches high and 12 inches across. Totally perfect for sitting among your pumpkins and gourds!

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