Monday, September 26, 2011

Extreme Grungy Primitive Owls

I have to admit that I just love owls! My Mother had a few in her collection that I loved to play with as a child. When she wasn't looking of course (:

These are both made of muslin, painted, sanded, stained and baked..and eXtreMely gruNged! Their eyes are buttons stitched over osnaburg,which has been stitched on also. The owl has a gruNgy candy corn,wired to him with rusty star garland, the Cat has a gruNgy pumpkin attached with the same rusty star garland. They each have teensy weensy rusty bells sewn to their hats. And scraps of gruNgy cheesecloth around their hats and necks..they are just adorable..I love the way their eyes look to the side, as tho they just heard something very SPOOKY..perfect for a small place,or as gifties, or to tuck in a wreath, these lil darlings measure just over 12 inches high and 4 1/4th inches wide.

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