Monday, September 12, 2011

Primitive Halloween Agatha's Lost Boot Cat Doll

Old Agatha was just a zooooo Ming..cackling like nobody's business,laughing at the moon ,who gave her a wink as she went flying smitten by his flirtations, she didn't notice that she was headed for a grove of towering pines..but poor lil who done it certainly did! Lucky for her when Aggies boot came flying off she landed in it,and was saved when the laces caught on a tree bough. She could only think it would be much safer for her and old Agatha,if she would wear night vision goggles..on these little trips!
This my design,I will make a pattern for her today :)

She is made of muslin,painted,sanded, grunged, and baked. She has vintage buttons for eyes, stitched over osnaburg and black wool. Her face is needle-sculpted, her whiskers are crochet thread ( but could easily be made of rusty wire,if you like) . Her collar is fall colored homespun. I couldn't resist the lace, but its only tacked on,so you can remove it if you like.I've also attached a hang-tag. I've sewn vintage buttons down the lenght of the boot. There's a rusty bell sewn to the tip of the toe. Her hat has a swirl of small rusty stars around it, with a rusty bell sewn on top. She measures just a lil over 24 inches high and she is 6 1/2 her widest point,being the sole of the boot.

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  1. Love this boot cat doll I love all your prims!! I am your newest follower!!!


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