Sunday, January 22, 2012

Primitive Folk Art Angel Doll

This is a pattern from Veena's Mercantile.She is made of painted,sanded,stained and baked muslin. Her eyes are embroidered,as are her lips. Her face is needlesculpted. Her dress is much deeper than the photos show..more of a monitor wants to show it as a bright definetely is not! Its been heavily gruNged aswell. Her gruNgy, well sanded,tattered wings are glued and sewn on. She carries a gruNgy heart with a heavily gruNged paper heart and a tag that reads love,tucked in red gruNgy cheesecloth,thats been wrapped around the heart. Her hands are sewn to the heart. She is beautiful. I left her bald..I prefer her this way, but if you would like me to sew on hair for you,just let me know at the time of purchase. She is 17 inches long and her wings span about 10 inches. 

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