Thursday, February 2, 2012

Primitive Colonial Style Horse Pull Toy

15" tall and 14" long, this wonderful horse is made from a coarsely woven vintage muslin flour sack. His ears and legs are hand sewn in place. He has embroidered eyes. The legs have white glue dipped, dowels inserted into them. The hose is stained with my coffee,vanilla mixture. The mane and tail are combed flax fibers, hand stitched in place.

The base is pine wood, painted black, sanded and stained. The horses legs are glued into holes drilled into the base. The metal wheels have also been distressed and are nailed into the base. The pull is a black wooden thread spool attached to the base with a length of jute twine.

This is signed "designed and made with love, Lucy Rox" and dated.

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