Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Effy and Mimz Vintage style elephant and mouse

A vintage look elephant, Effy, with her best friend Mimz the mouse, have just returned from the circus, and they are fully stocked with peanuts. Effy is giving Mimz a ride on the peanut cart, which is hand-made with vintage pop bottle caps for wheels. The nutmeats have been removed from the peanuts and the shells glued back together, but don’t tell these guys that. Both are wearing party hats and Effy is wearing a peanut necklace Mimz made for her. Effy has a cotton fabric torso with arms, legs, head and ears made from a super soft red Berber fabric. Mimz is made from coffee stained and stiffened cotton batting. Effy measures 13 inches, sitting and Mimz measures 7 inches on her cart. They will come to you signed and dated, by me, the original designer.


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