Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bird in the hand Snowman

With winter comes the need for our fine feathered friends to find a warm cozy home in which to hunker down in to sit out the cold winter months. Our cardinal is busy negotiating a warm resting spot in our snowman's broom, a perfect place to build his nest. Based on the smile on our snowman's face, I would say it's a "yes".

Our snowman stands approximately 12" high, has a black top hat, scarf and warm wool vest. We used a 4" antique square head rusty nail for his nose, doll joints for his eyes, embellished him with rusty bells and pins and gave him a grapevine broom in one hand and our 3" red cardinal friend in the other.

Bird in the Hand is handmade by me, Laura Hakes, the original designer. He will come to you signed and dated, with a rusty heart on his vest, indicating he is an original Fiddlestix Design.



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