Friday, July 8, 2011

Primitive Dog With Water Melon and Bee Doll

Oh My goodness..these pics don't do this piece justice at all. what a super FUN AND FOLKY primitive Design by Kentucky Primitives. made by me, Heidi Gianino aka CraBByGaBByDolls.

Snookums the doggie is made from painted and stained muslin ,he has stitched mouth and nose. his legs are antique rail road nails. he has wee button eyes stitched into place. On his back he sports his snack ( I know my doggie Kosmo LOVES WATERMELON!! SERIOUSLY!!). The watermelon is made from stained and painted osnaburg, each seed bead has been stitched on. the water melon is stitched to snookums back.

And following along is a bumble bee. made from stained and painted osnaburg, his wee wing needle sculpted and his wee itty bitty seed bead eyes stitched into place. Measurements are 8 inches long and 11 inches tall.

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