Friday, July 8, 2011

Primitive Folkart Hallowe'en Jack

This is my first Halloween offering for this year. This is actually the proto-type for my new pattern. Jack is hanging out in his long stocking which is 22" from to toe to cuff. It has been stained, painted, and stained again(osnaburg). The cuff has been made then attached. Jack , himself, will measure in at 20" tall. With his Top hat he is 23". He too has been made out of stained and painted osnaburg. His nose and mouth are black wool. His eyes are black and tan wool with sewn on seed beads for pupils. The Top hat is painted and stained osnaburg. I added a strip of orange for the trim and then added a Aged square of osnaburg with the letter"H" stamped on it. He is wearing a long shirt simply made out of stained osnaburg with rusty bells down the front. His trousers are also stained osnaburg with handpainted stripes in black and orange. His boots are black with tiny sewn on rusty bells. Jack's collar is a overdyed wool.His pet bat sits atop of a stick that sits in his stocking. The bat is in 2 seperate pieces that have been sewn together. The wings were lightly stuffed and sculpted. Latst but not least is the Banner that has been attached to the front of the stocking. All made of osnaburg wit the word "HALLOWEEN" stamped down the front! There is tons of painting, and sticthin in this piece! Keep Jack in his stocking or let him hang out on a shelf or in a chair.The price for Jack includes shipping! Thanks again! Happy Hallowe'en !!!

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