Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Primitive Folk Art Black Doll with Crow necklace

Wow, this is one of those must have dolls that you need your primitive collection. She is a design from pineberry lane and made by me, Heidi Gianino aka Crabby Gabby dolls.

This gal is made from pained and stained muslin. She measures in at 20 inches. Her facial features are stitched nose, Antique button eyes stitched into place, string hair and a stitched out line mouth.

Her undershirt is osnaburg and her coverall dress homespun. She has her crow friend tie around her neck like a necklace. Made from stained and painted muslin. measures in at 8 1/2 inches. Each wing has been stitched on and sculpted. Eyes are wee rusty jingly bells stitched into place. Stick legs secured into place.

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