Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hannah and Peahen Doll

Hannah and Peahen are made from grunged muslin and painted black. They are then sanded and brushed with briwax for a neat look. Hannah's face is hand stitched and her nose is a rectangle of osnaburg sewn in prim stitches and her eyes are embroidered and her mouth is stitched in a creamy color embroidery thread.
Her dress is dyed cotton fabric. The bodice is tan background with dark brown flowers and leaves. The skirt is solid tan that has been darkly dyed and it has a tiny checked band around her waist. She's wearing a muslin bonnet tied with jute. Peahen i s made from the same fabric and she has long strips pf fabric for her tail feathers.
She measures 24 inches and Peahen measures 7 inches long plus her tail feathers. 


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