Monday, June 27, 2011

Primitive Folk Art Guardian Angel Doll

I’d like to introduce you to Libby. She is a guardian angel of children. Libby is a one of a kind doll designed by me. Libby measures 24 ½” tall from the top of her wings, 21” from the top of her head. She has a body made from onsaburg cotton fabric. I’ve painted her face, legs and arms, and needle sculpted the fingers on her hands. She has a full head of hair made from soft sheep’s wool that I needle felted in place, to form one long pony tail to the side. I’ve given her a head band style halo made from vintage style gold tinsel garland, and attached it with long pear tipped corsage pins. I’ve made Libby’s gown and pantaloons are made out of cotton fabric that is trimmed with vintage style lace, and layered with tulle, and vintage linen. Her collar is made from hand crocheted vintage lace, which is hand sewn in place and finished with a vintage inspired metal button. I’ve made Libby’s wings from quilted cotton that has been painted and stiffened. I’ve hand sewn them in place on her back and included a loop for hanging. 

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